Tai Chi May Be the Ultimate Exercise

Tai chi Chuan is a martial art with origins dating back hundreds of years.  Tai Chi Chuan is loosely translated as “The Ultimate Fist”. From that  beginning developed an exercise art called simply Tai Chi. Tai Chi is the exercise art renowned for its soft and slow movements.  If you are approaching fifty or are already there, Tai Chi may be the best exercise for you. Three key reasons are: Tai Chi is a low impact exercise that works the entire body.  It is a mind body activity that builds energy and manages stress. Tai Chi is an easy to learn and do.

 Tai Chi works almost all major and minor muscle groups, even the eyes.  The movements utilize almost all joints in a significant range of motion.  The rhythmic deep breathing is a quality that is difficult to achieve in any other activity besides yoga.  With regular practice, a wide range of back problems should benefit and of course leg strength would increase.  Add in an increase in muscle tone and a significant uptick in balance.

Tai chi is a mindful activity that has positive impact on stress. It is relaxing, soothing, refreshing and many Tai Chi players report increased energy.  Being more in tune with our bodies is an undeniable benefit leading to improved health.  The non competitive nature of class is a lure for some individuals turned off by most sports and workout gyms.

Beyond all of that, tai chi is easy to learn and do. All that is required is a few months of practice in order to learn a string of movements and some concepts.  It can accept a wide range of physical limitations.  It can be done almost anywhere since little space is required.  There is no equipment.  The only clothing requirement is to be comfortable.  It can be done outside or inside. 

Whether you are searching for an exercise that addresses the body or the mind, Tai Chi offers a path to greater fitness and effective stress management. Tai Chi may be “the ultimate exercise”.  One more thing, you don’t have to wait until you are fifty.