My journey thru the martial arts started in 1972 with earning a Black Belt in Taekwondo while serving in Vietnam.  It continued with brief forays into Hapkido, Jeet Kun Do, stick fighting and self defense concepts.  Then back to Taekwondo.   In 2001, my chronic bad back led me to seek out a less strenuous form of exercise, which turned out to be Tai Chi.

Learning the Yang Style Short Form broadened into learning the Chen Style Short and one of the Long Forms.  Practicing the Chen Forms aggravated my back issues and after four years I decided to concentrate only on Yang Style.  Numerous Silk Reeling exercises from Chen have worked their way into my class curriculum and remain there today.  I have been teaching classes in tai chi since 2001.  Qigong has always been a part of my classes.  Its a natural fit.

I have collected a library of over 300 titles of Tai Chi/Qigong books and DVDs.  Obviously, this is an area of major interest.

My day job is that of a Physical Education/Health teacher on the Elementary level..  I hold a Masters in Health. Education.

Ritch Ryan


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